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After a period of public comment, the General Assembly would have to give an "up or down" vote to each plan within six months -- with authority over consolidation transferred to the State Board of Education if the legislature does not adopt a plan.

"Almost everyone agrees that Pennsylvania has too many school districts," Mr. "This means that we have ever-increasing pressure to increase local property taxes." While the topic of school consolidation is nothing new, the concept of only 100 school districts would be a dramatic change.

And it’s fewer than New Jersey, which is a geographically much smaller state and has an astonishing 545 school districts, some of them consisting of just one school.

But other states have countywide school systems, which minimize the number of individual districts. Across Pennsylvania, more than 5 percent of total school spending goes to administrative costs, including salaries.

De Pasquale says consolidating districts by geography and population —rather than by county — would make more sense in this sprawling state of ours.