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However, the relationship between herself and Michael Cera is kind of the centerpiece of it all, and if you don’t find them particularly funny, the movie probably won’t work for you.

Thankfully, I find them both completely endearing, which is why I loved this movie.

Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera were believed to have been in a relationship for the past three years, but the actress put rumors to rest when she revealed that they were never together. Star magazine even reported that Cera, 21, dumped the 23-year-old actress because his skyrocketing career "kept them apart for long stretches of time." Yi added, "I also heard that we broke up [laughs].

Yi’s inability to find love is puzzling to her and she wants answers.

Alright, that last one may be a rumour I secretly want to be true.

In Paper Heart Yi’s fictionalized version of herself travels to likely and no-so-likely places in the U.

It’s also hard to tell whether or not her shtick is legit.

Someone sent me an article that said I was really sad. But he's actually in Toronto right now filming a movie called 'Scott Pilgrim.' So that's interesting [laughs]." Either way, the rumors can only help promote the duo's upcoming mockumentary "Paper Heart," in which Cera plays a character that begins to fall in love with Yi.