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it's good to do a favor but with th...” “I'm a nature lover at heart!Really enjoy long walks in the woods, sitting in front of the fire,reading a good book, listening to some music.I understand that ones possessions do not determine the individual.

I do not believe that a lady is a personal piece of property and can be done what one likes to do!

The lady in my life would be my equal and I would always uphold her with the greatest r...” “Testing the waters and hoping to meet new people...

...” “ I had an Apoplex in 2004 - am in wheelchair since then and retired ..

because of that i live with my mother in her house would like a firm relation with lovely, faithful woman, age 46 - 54 but i guess i wont find that here, so i am only looking for truthful email contacts to women not too far away just for conversation sympathy will decide...” “Mail me if you like to meet up. I honestly want a serious Girlfriend which may lead to new best friend companions etc.

“Hello to the unknown , thank you for paying attention to my profile. I am happy with who i am as a person and i want to share and enjoy life with a woman ready to start all again.