Buddha dating book dating and texting advice

So today I started thinking about all the ways I can make a day exciting without changing any of the big things that need to stay constant if I’m to make progress on my larger goals.

Here’s what I’ve come up with: Write down what you’d do differently and then try to do at least five of those things.

I did this one time and met a man on the bus who I dated for a month. Practice deep breathing, listen to soothing music, or download an audio book for the ride.

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I get a big kick out of little victories like these. It’s always fun to share a new passion, especially if the other person gets excited, too.

Maybe I’m just a dork but I get excited about stretching my vocabulary!

This gives people the opportunity to see you in a new light, which means they may interact with you differently.

Maybe you’ll pass a restaurant you’d like to try sometime or a gym that’s offering free classes.

See how many (smart) risks you can take throughout the day, like accepting a difficult assignment or committing to something you’ve never done before.