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Insiders reveal another problem with Bailey’s claim to fame is that Mackin is currently dating a woman named Maria Tejada – a Miami native who sources say is pregnant with Mackin’s child.That would make Bailey nothing more than a groupie, a paid-for whore, or just the other woman.HSK has learned during their relationship of convenience, Lewis would arrange for Bailey to accompany him as he traveled the country with the NBA.

HSK Exclusive – She may be Basketball Wives LA’s newest cast member, but the only basketballs Brooke Bailey’s close to are the ones she had implanted into her buttocks. You may remember during Brooke Bailey’s BBWLA debut, she announced she’s exclusively dating Macklin – who she called a Detroit Piston.

Sources say despite the 37-year-old urban model’s claim to fame – being the exclusive lady in Vernon Macklin’s life – Brooke Bailey, a single mother who has a habit of abandoning her three children, serves as nothing more than an L. The problem is Bailey (a known habitual liar) seemed to have either forgotten, or simply didn’t know, Macklin is no longer with Detroit and now plays overseas for the Turkish Basketball League.

Serving as nothing more than a jump-off is something sources say Brooke Bailey is no stranger to.

That’s because insiders reveal the video vixen once played that same role for Miami Heat forward Rashard Lewis.

Despite her appearance as happy and content in her life in New York, she feels as though money and power are not enough to warrant happiness and, upon speaking with Peyton during a phone conversation, moves back to Tree Hill.


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    There were rumors that Coles was a “pit lizard” on the prowl for a driver boyfriend, and she was apparently seen in a 2001 show on MTV called True Life: I’m a Race Car Driver running around the pits expressing her desire to land a driver.

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