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Some of the varieties listed are Annual (Fina 2), Rappone, Rapa, Fall and Spring raab.

(For more complete information, consult AG-487, This crop may be grown in a variety of soils.

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Broccoli-raab is often har-vested for greens similarly to mustard, kale and turnip greens.

Leaves are cut when 4 to 8 inches high and sold loose in bushel hampers or tied in 1 to 2 lb bunches. It makes several small flower heads which are cut, just as in regular broccoli, before the flower buds open.

Home gardeners: For the average soils, use 2 lb of 10-10-10 per 100 square feet before planting.

Sidedress with No herbicides are cleared for this crop.

Broccoli-raab (also known as rapa, rapine, rappone, fall and spring raab or turnip broccoli) is a rapidly growing annual when grown in spring, but a biennial in fall plantings.