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Both Stardom games revolve around creating an avatar, and then working your way up from the bottom to the top of the Hollywood success ladder.The game has a comic book-style feel to it, mixed with a choose-your-own-adventure story; you can talk to characters (through pre-written speech bubbles), but you can choose different responses and answers, giving each game a unique spin.Let's be honest: when it comes to gaming, we live in a man's world.

Thankfully, the jewels don't cost a lot of real money- the smallest pack (for 200 jewels, which goes pretty far) is around $2 dollars.

I'm starting right off with what is perhaps the girliest game of the bunch, Star Girl.

Well, the good news is that there's actually a lot of options out there- female-targeted RPGs, fashion games, fun time-management games, and more.

By no means are these games Genre: RPG/Fashion/Casual Size: 45 mb Do You Need An Internet Connection? If you want to compete in the fashion show or "chat" with the boys in the game, you must be online to do so.

That aspect of the game is sort of like playing with paper dolls (remember those? The real point of the boys, however, is that they'll give you three gifts- which usually happen to be rare clothing items.