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Actress Sandra Bullock has reportedly found love with cycling superstar Lance Armstrong. He's successful, determined, a survivor and, let's not forget, gorgeous." The romance with Lance - who fought off testicular cancer to win every Tour De France since 1999 - puts paid to rumors of Sandra's supposed relationship with actor Matthew Mc Conaughey.Bullock is so besotted with the sportsman - who split from his wife last month - she wants to settle down with him. The friend adds, "Up to now, Sandra has always gone back to Matthew, but Lance has changed all that." An eyewitness, who saw the new couple enjoying a romantic dinner together in a Manhattan, New York, diner, comments, "They were all over each other.She was rubbing his thigh and he was massaging her shoulders.

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During an interview with Complex magazine back in February, he said, “Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I’m not going to say if we had sex or not. Tell us Celebrity Dirty Laundry readers, do you think the Kate Hudson and Diplo relationship is going to last?

Madonna has revealed that she used to smooch Michael Jackson back in the day.

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Star, "It's not surprise to see Sandra and Matthew back together as they have always been in love.

It was a surprise when they split up and it's great to see them back together." » Actor Matthew Mc Conaughey is at the center of a new scandal in America after a comedienne accused him of feeling her up as part of a TV comedy skit.

Well now, it looks like Kate Hudson’s dating life is on fire once again as she’s moved on from Nick Jonas to Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend, Diplo.


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