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2649 make it impossible for lighting designers who work in Texas to work on projects without being licensed as either an electrician, architect, engineer, landscape architect, or interior designer.

If Texas passes this bill, there will probably be more bills just like this in other states. halimbawa ng dula sa pilipinas republika ng pilipinas litrato istruktura sa pilipinas na naimpluwensya ng mga amerikano sa Here’s what I wrote to the state senator who represents my old area of Dallas.

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Melchora Aquino became a member and served on the collection.

He was known as the "Mother of Confederation." Which of the following did he do to help the Katipunan against the Spanish for achieving freedom?

He is a small business owner who provides Lighting Design consultation and services. Please consider the economic impact of this legislation.

Professional, practicing Lighting Designers in Texas will be out of work.

There are no provisions in the legislation for establishing a licensing standard for lighting designers. Additionally, he has taught lighting design as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.