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If one of the subscribers is substantially slower than the others, then very soon all threads get busy waiting for the slowest subscriber.

Workaround: Set a timeout value on those activities that can result in an unexpected delay in response.

Server is not starting properly and the error log shows like belowjavax.transaction. SQLException: JDBC LLR, table verify failed for table 'WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER', row'JDBC LLR Domain//Server' record had unexpected value 'my_domain2//Admin Server' expected'my_domain//Admin Server'*** ONLY the original domain and server that creates an LLR table may access it ***This is because we are not using the Derby database for our examples.

System Exception:weblogic.transaction.loggingresource. If we are not working on the examples then we don't need the Derby Database server.

“jdev11g could not extract the archive since it is corrupted error code = 50 “.


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